Wendy Wu

Founder & CEO (Wonder Technology), Founder & Senior Partner (New Leaders Group), Founder (6 Seconds (China)), Co-founder (Emotion Net Foundation)

A Serial Entrepreneur
Wendy has built three market-leading data companies. With her unique experience mix in
Emotional Intelligence, Psychometrics, Big Data & AI, she has helped 1.6 million students, 3.5
million young professionals and more than 200 fast-growing companies in China achieve their
potential. “Top 5 Secrets Differentiate Successful Entrepreneurs” Worlds’ First Emotion AI Voice Research
Report, Entrepreneur “To Feel, or Not to Feel? ---6 Seconds Changes Your EQ”, co-Author “Sustainable Happiness” ---Harvard Business Review, Global Research Leader “Ask Wendy” Fortune Magazine, Columnist “2016 Chinese Millennials’ Happy Career Bible & Strategy”
“Chinese Millennials’ Big Data Love Report: How to Fall in Love?”
“How to Peruse Your Ideal Love Story?”, TEDxYouth Speaker

About Wonder Technology

A Voice AI Platform for Mental Health & Wellness
With our globally leading Emotion AI model, Wonder Tech is building a voice-based digital health platform for mental health. Through private, objective and affordable mental health screening via voice biomarkers, the early onset of mental health issues arising from stress, anxiety & depression can be diagnosed, increasing the likelihood of prevention and cure. With our technology, consumers and corporations can monitor mental health & wellness by using a few seconds of voice data.