Never Alone Summit 2020 On-Demand

Daily Agendas

Day 1


Deepak Chopra, MD

Founder, The Chopra Foundation Author, Total Meditation

Elissa Epel, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair - Department of Psychiatry, at University of California, San Francisco

C. Victor Brick, M.Ed

Co-Founder, John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation

Tim Storey

Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Tara Stiles

Founder of Strala Yoga

Patrick Kennedy

Former U.S. Congressman Founder - The Kennedy Forum

Suparna Bhasin

Founder & CEO at She Creates Change

Michel Pascal

Amity Foundation

Shadrick Mazaza

Founder: The African Consciousness Institute

Sam Beard

Author, CONNECT – The Ultimate Human SuperPower

Mariel Hemingway

Academy Award-Nominated Actress, Model, and Writer

Jewel Love, LMFT

CEO of Champions Mental Health

Michael Sapiro

IONS, Esalen and TILT

Rick Hanson, PhD

Psychologist, Author of Buddha's Brain and Neurodharma

Rinpoche Tenzin Wangyal

Teacher of the Bon Tibetan Religious Tradition

Rachel Roy

UN Women Gl Champion for the Advancement of Women & Girls

Jennifer Lee Snowden


Alexander Holt

Founding Partner of Limitless Ventures

Stephen Hays

Mental Health Focused Venture Capitalist

Aida Murad

Founder of AM Creatives

James Doty, MD

Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford University

Yashi Brown

Poet, Author, Speaker, Award-winning Mental Health Advocate

Iva Fattorini, MD

CEO and Founder, Artocene

Heather Chmura

Founding Team of the AI Foundation

Amy Blankson

CEO, Fearless Positivity and Co-founder, Digital Wellness Collective

Eric Windeler

Founder & Executive Director,

Reverend Floyd Thompkins

CEO of the Justice and Peace Foundation

Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR

Director of Research, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Lynne Brick

Co-Founder, John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation

Kathryn Goetzke

Chief Mood Officer, The Mood Factory & Founder, iFred

Chris Grosso

Author, Public Speaker, and Youth Mental Health Writer

Charles Raison, MD

Mary Sue and Mike Shannon Chair for Healthy Minds, Children & Families

Day 2


Don Miguel Ruiz, MD

New York Times Best Selling Author of The Four Agreements

Amikaeyla Gaston

Founder & Executive Director of the ICAHSI

Tara Brach, PhD

Psychologist, Meditation Teacher and Author

Nic Brown

CEO, batyr

Sebastian Robertson

Founder and Chairman, batyr & Co-Founder & CEO, BIRDI

Dan Siegel, MD

Executive Director, Mindsight Institute. Clinical Professor, UCLA.

Wim Hof

Creator of Wim Hof Method

Mariana Salinas

Meditation Teacher, Founder of Sadhana Works

Antonella Santuccione

Co-Founder & CEO of the Women's Brain Project

Ross Szabo

Author of “Behind Happy Faces” and Mental Health Speaker

Michael Sapiro

IONS, Esalen and TILT

Peter Coyote

Actor and Writer

Aida Murad

Founder of AM Creatives

Shamini Jain, PhD

Founder and CEO, Consciousness and Healing Initiative

Rev. Monica A. Coleman, Ph.D.

Author, Bipolar Faith: a Black Woman's Journey with Depression and Faith

Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati

President Divine Shakti Foundation, Secretary General Global, Interfaith Wash Alliance

Lynne Brick

Co-Founder, John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation

Zak Williams

Mental Health Advocate, Co-Founder & CEO of Pym

Hayden Hurst

NFL football tight end for the Atlanta Falcons

Brandon Staglin

President, One Mind

David Horgan, MD

Clinical Psychiatry Associate Professor

Cathy Sloan

Family Doctor, Board Member Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation

Kristin Michaels

Kristin Michaels, FAICD, Chair of the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation

Deborah Rozman, PhD

President & CEO HeartMath Inc.

Donna D’Cruz

Creator of DIP INTO BLISS, Spiritual Being Advocate

Emma Yang

Carnegie Hall Performer, MIT-Solver, TEDx Speaker, and the Founder of Timeless

Craig Kramer

Johnson & Johnson

Johnny Sansone

Musician and Songwriter

J. Wurster

Artist and Entrepreneur

Kunal Sood

Founder and CXO of X Fellows, NOVUS, and #WeThePlanet

Susan Reynolds

Co-founder and Board Chair, Director of Youth Advocacy, Digital Wellness Collective

Jamie Levy

Director of Engagement, Digital Wellness Collective

Jesse VanNewkirk

Co-Founder, Quell Innovator,

Juliet Gildehaus

Co-Creator, The LookUp Challenge, Innovator,


Grammy-Award Band

Nina Hersher

CEO of Digital Wellness Collective

Nishi Munshi

Human-rights Activist, Actress, Performer

David Brinkman

CEO & President, Desert AIDS Project

August Brice

Tech Wellness & Safertech

Janet Stone

Founder of Janet Stone Yoga

Day 3


Arianna Huffington

Co-Founder, The Huffington Post. Founder & CEO, Thrive Global.

J. Ivy

Peabody-Winning Performance Poet

Peter Varnum

World Economic Forum - Global Mental Health Lead

Terry Moore

CEO and Founder of HomeoLux

Naveen Jain

Founder & CEO of Viome, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Harsh Trivedi

President and CEO, Sheppard Pratt

David Meltzer

Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Ray Anthony Lewis Jr.

1st Ballot Hall of Famer 2x Super Bowl Champion with the Baltimore Ravens

Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati

President, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh

Shauna Shapiro, PhD

Author and Professor, Santa Clara University, California

Prakriti Poddar

Managing Trustee, Poddar Foundation. Managing Director, Poddar Wellness.

Eric Kussin

Founder, CEO: The #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement


Singer-songwriter, Mental Health Advocate Founder, Never Broken

Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD

Science Director, Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley

Luisah Teish

Womanchief, Iyanifa of the Ifa/Orisha diaspora

Satya Hinduja

Sound Artist, Futurist and Founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment

Russell Brand

Comedian, Actor & Mental Health Activist Above the Noise Podcast

Roger Jahnke, OMD

Founder and Former Board Chair for The Healer Within Foundation

Olivia Lubarsky

NCAA Division 1 Gymnast, TEDx Speaker

Raghu Appasani, MD

Psychiatrist, Neuroscientist, and Social Entrepreneur

Walter Greenleaf, PhD

Distinguished Visiting Scholar, MediaX Program - Stanford University

Barbara Ricci

Senior Advisor for the Center for High Impact Philanthropy in the School of Social Policy & Practice at the U.Penn

Kristen Ward

Public Health and Philanthropy Professional

Aida Murad

Founder of AM Creatives

Kenneth Cole

Founder & CEO of Kenneth Cole, Founder & Chairman of The Mental Health Coalition

Arthur Brooks, PhD

Professor and Faculty Fellow at Harvard, Author, and Columnist at The Atlantic

Julio Salazar, MD

COO of The Failure Institute

Aaron Samuels

Co-Founder & COO, Blavity, Inc.

Mi’jan Celie Tho-Biaz, EdD

Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Founder, the New Mexico Women of Color Nonprofit Leadership Initiative

Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD

Psychologist and Speaker

Miri Polachek

CEO, Joy Venture

Bonnie Kaplan, PhD

Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary Co-Author, The Better Brain

Rob Stephenson

Founder of InsideOut and CEO of Form

Kristin Neff

Self-Compassion Researcher, Author, and Teacher

Suhas Kshirsagar, MD

Ayurvedic Physician and Educator

George Everly, MD

Professor at Johns Hopkins and Author

Elisha London

Founder & CEO, United for Global Mental Health


Rapper, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Donate to Scientific Research on Holistic Approaches to Mental Health and Programs for Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention