General Robert F. Dees

Retired Major General, U.S. Army, Valor Farm

Major General (Retired) Robert F. “Bob” Dees served for 31 years in the U.S. Army in a wide variety of command and staff positions culminating in his last three assignments as Assistant  Division Commander for Operations, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault); Commander,  Second Infantry Division, United States Forces Korea; and as Deputy Commanding General,  V (US/GE) Corps in Europe, concurrently serving as Commander, US-Israeli Combined Task  Force for Missile Defense.  

On the education front, Bob is a graduate of numerous military schools including the  Command and General Staff College, the Naval Postgraduate School, the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. He has authored and taught Management Science topics in the Department of Engineering at West Point, as well as multiple Resilience courses at Liberty University. 

Following military retirement in January 2003, Bob served as a Microsoft Corporation executive; followed by leadership of a non-profit outreach to the military. He authored the  Resilience Trilogy (Resilient Warriors, Resilient Leaders, and Resilient Nations) and pioneered resilience programs for the military as Vice President for Military Outreach at Liberty University.  In the 2016 Presidential cycle, Bob served as National Security Advisor and Campaign Chairman for Dr. Ben Carson. Bob now heads Resilience God Style, a national movement to restore resilience to every area of American life, including recent publication of the Resilience  God Style book, study guide, video series, and training game (www.ResilienceGodStyle.com). 

As a thought leader on Veterans’ outreach programs, Bob is a senior advisor for the newly formed Faith-based Veterans Support Alliance (FBVSA). Bob is also President of the National  Center for Healthy Veterans (www.HealthyVeterans.org) with the mission of “Returning Healthy  Veterans to America.” This broad and comprehensive Healthy Veteran initiative ranges from trauma recovery using best practice, faith-based programs to veteran microbusinesses which afford dignified work, skills training, and economic opportunity. Community is a critical element of the initiative, including veteran tiny home villages for formerly homeless Veterans and others.  While the Healthy Veteran initiative will help Veterans, the real winner is America with Healthy  Veterans positively impacting culture as role models for our youth, as experienced leaders in business, and as standard bearers in every walk of life. 

Bob speaks at numerous seminars and conferences, as well as commentary on national security, leadership, and resilience in a wide array of media, military, business and church venues. He was featured as one of 30 “Master Leaders” in America by noted author George  Barna and was awarded the Council for National Policy George Washington Military  Leadership Award in 2018.  

Bob and wife Kathleen have been married for 47 years, and together have two children and eight grandchildren. They are grateful for the privilege of serving God, Nation, and Others during these critical times.