Dorith Mous

Creator of Together-Alone

Multiple award-winning, Dutch multi-hyphenate Dorith Mous (1986), was seemingly born into her art, gaining beautiful knowledge of physical form and capturing depth from a subject through her own nomadic experience as a fashion model for two decades.

Having moved fluidly from a storied career in front of the lens to one behind it, as a photographer and filmmaker, Dorith elicits an artful finesse of the soul – one in which her subjects both exude and challenge the archetypes of beauty, while provoking ideas, ideals and ideologies. 

With her successful anti-discriminatory exhibition in New York City, entitled IamYOU, and her ongoing cinematic series Together-Alone, which focuses on destigmatizing mental health, Dorith continues to create awareness by means of harvesting the honesty that permeates through her portraiture of subjects.

The first four episodes of Together-Alone are to be viewed here:


And on www.watchargo.com