Tanvi Jindal Shete

Founder Museum of Solutions

She began her journey in education a decade back as a Teach for India Fellow in Mumbai, with a two-year fellowship program teaching underprivileged children in a government school. Alongside, she worked at Akanksha Foundation, an NGO, with a mission to provide children from low-income communities with quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives. She is the Managing Trustee of the Jindal Education Trust looking after all the education initiatives including the seven JSW managed schools across the country.

Tanvi has always been driven towards the goal to make learning for all children not only enjoyable but also more meaningful. Turning these thoughts into reality she is establishing a new interactive and immersive children’s museum, an experiential institution in Mumbai, complementing the education system that is both inclusive and accessible to all children in terms of content, structure, and language. Taking inspiration from the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the MUSEUM OF SOLUTIONS is based on pressing issues of sustainability, climate change, urban planning, and empathy. It intends to be a space for children to apply their learning to real life situations, to foster creativity, think critically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively.