Nupur Goenka

Founder Semicolon

Nupur Goenka is the Founder of Semicolon, a non-profit platform that brings together a global community of experts to unbox the culture, art, science, and evolution of mental health in the hope to inspire conversation. She also works in the product and technology space as the Executive Director of Tally Solutions in India.

About Semicolon:

Mental Health doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable topic. There is so little that is understood about it, and so much more that is misunderstood.

For those of us who have experienced battles with Mental Health, we have often found the silence around us deafening. We understand the sense of isolation that can come with this quiet. We have realized the importance of speaking up, even if we fall short in our attempt to articulate.
You shouldn’t have to experience your own battle to have a conversation.
Semicolon seeks to bring together a community of contributors, researchers, experts, and writers from around the world to unbox the culture, art, science, and evolution in the Mental Health space. We will try to explore creative ways to disseminate knowledge by drawing on topics ranging from psychopathology and neuroscience to social issues and therapeutic innovations with the hope that it will inspire discussion.
Let’s add to the voice, not the silence.