Monisha Balamurugan

Founder, Naam Vidhaikalam, Cities Rise Youth Mental Health Advocate

Monisha Balamurugan is a Professional Social Worker from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. With Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work from Stella Maris College,   Monisha believes in Gandhi's saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Monisha, as a practicing Social Worker has adopted two communities in Saidapet and Thousand Lights in Chennai, She has been a Youth Counsellor with Mind Cafe. Monisha is also the Founder of 'Naam Vidhaikalam', which started as a movement of young people who volunteered for change. Monisha was invited as Guest Speaker, Panelist, Resource Person, Motivator, and Inspirer to share her experience in more than 20 forums (online and in-person) in various colleges across the city and national and international forums.   Monisha has authored a book on ‘Scars’ highlighting how struggles and scars in personal lives turn decorations. She has created a video documentary covering the small steps of today towards a safe environment for future youth.


About Organisation


An organization connecting young people through innovative projects and campaigns. Naam Vidhaikalam's innovative Project 63 provides meals and water to homeless people periodically through donations. With one donation of Rs.63, one person receives a meal, water, and fruit. Monisha works with young people to create safe spaces physically and emotionally. Monisha is spearheading two mental health campaigns. One on ‘Suicide Prevention’ titled ‘You are not alone’ conducted in four colleges. To promote positive help-seeking behavior active listening spaces are made available through the campaign called, “I am here to listen”. Monisha’s team invites young people to talk through their walk-in counters in restaurants and cafes.