Laura Murray

Senior Scientist, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Laura Murray is a scientist, psychologist, founder, and inventor passionate about thinking out of the box to address mental and behavioral health problems globally. Dr. Murray has extensive expertise teaching and implementing a range of evidence-based treatments for mental and behavioral problems. She has conducted research ranging from qualitatively understanding mental/behavioral health, to full randomized trials of treatments, to setting up large-scale sustainable programs. Dr. Murray has traveled the globe to better understand mental behavioral health to countries such as Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Ukraine, Iraq, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and many others. She is a developer of the Common Elements treatment approach (CETA; www.cetaglobal.org) and founder of CETA Global which has a mission to provide evidence-based scalable solutions to the behavioral health space. Dr. Murray publishes extensively in top journals, trains globally, regularly speaks at conferences and organizations, and consults with organizations to improve functioning through skills training on stress, resiliency and leadership.